School Council

It is an opportunity for pupils to come together and share ideas about our Academy.

All members of our School Council were asked to apply for their position, explaining why they thought School Council was important and ways they could contribute to our school.

“A school council is a formal group of pupils within a school, who are elected by their peers to represent them and their views.”

The role of the School Council

“Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) says that children and young people should have a say in decisions that affect their lives.”

“A school council can provide a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them.”

Here at Kessingland Church of England Primary Academy, pupils are given the chance to gain valuable life skills by taking part in a whole range of volunteering schemes. The school has an active School Council and election of our school councillors, provided pupils with first-hand experience of the democratic process.

This year the School Council have been involved in the following:

  • Meeting with the Chair of Governors to discuss the role of the Governing Body and the roles and responsibilities of each member.
  • Democratic election of Chair, Vice Chair and Governor Liaison officials.
  • Attending meetings with the local Parish Council, offering a voice within the community.
  • Attending the Local Parish Council Chamber monthly, holding School Council meetings in a formal environment.
  • Ownership of School Council feedback books.
  • Discussions relating to pupil voice.
  • Formation of Eco-Warrior Team for recycling within the school.
  • Discussions regarding ‘Vegetarian Week’ and agreeing a date with the catering team, to support the schools ‘Meat Free Mondays’ and vegetarian meal options.

What our School Council Representatives say.

“I wanted to be on the School Council so that the pupils in the school could be heard.”
School Council Member
“I wanted to help the pupils, listen to their ideas give them a voice.”
School Council Member
“I wanted to get a feel of what it would be like to have these roles in adult life.”
School Council Member
“I wanted to work with the Governors. It is important and It will give me skills for life.”
School Council Member