School Council

DSCF6464School Council takes place every Thursday. It is an opportunity for pupils to come together and share ideas about our Academy. We value the opinions of everyone in our school and School Council meet to represent the views of all pupils.

All members of School Council were asked to apply for their position explaining why they thought School Council was important and what they could contribute to our school.

The School Council consists of two representatives taken from Meerkats, Lemurs, Antelopes, Lions and Rhinos.


Already this term School Council have been involved in:

  • Organising and delivering Harvest Gifts to members of our local community
  • Helping Mrs Taylor-Graham launch ‘Eco Warriors’
  • Sharing ideas for our House System
  • Helping to interview new teachers for our school
  • Talking about learning

In the next few weeks, School Council will be thinking about:

  • Organising fundraising events
  • Selling poppies
  • Helping Heads of Houses to organise House Challenges

If you have any ideas for School Council, don’t forget to add them to your Class School Council book or tell your class representatives.