Collective Worship

As a Church Academy, worship is an affirmation and celebration of our Christian ethos where children have the opportunity to learn, worship and grow in their understanding of God and of themselves. Worship in our academy is not simply a statutory duty. We believe that at its heart, Collective Worship enables pupils and staff to gather together to respond to the presence, power and peace of God through prayer, reflection, singing, sharing and communicating feelings. Worship provides an opportunity for everyone at Kessingland Church of England Primary Academy to develop an understanding of Jesus Christ and God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The aims of Collective Worship at Kessingland Church of England Primary Academy are:

  • To provide an opportunity to worship God.
  • To enable children to consider spiritual and moral issues.
  • To enable children to explore their own beliefs.
  • To encourage participation and response.
  • To develop in children a sense of community spirit.
  • To promote a common ethos with shared values and to reinforce positive attitudes.

Daily Collective Worship is led by: teaching staff, support staff, pupils, members of the local churches and the local community. Our Collective Worship is linked to the Core Values and other Christian Values. Through our Collective Worship we also encourage our children to become ‘Courageous Advocates’ – supporting, championing and speaking up for causes that are meaningful to them both locally and globally.

Collective Worship Themes 2023-2024

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1
Global Theme:
Jesus Across the World
Global Theme:
Peace and Peacemakers
God is…
Global Theme:
Climate Change
Our Responsibility to the Earth
Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Global Theme:
Wonderful World
Jesus in the Wilderness
Global Theme: Water    Global Theme:
World and Influential Leaders  

Where does Collective Worship take place?

Collective Worship is an opportunity for the whole school to come together, although this sometimes takes the form of class or Key Stage worship. It is usually at Kessingland Church of England Primary Academy, but on occasions takes place at St Edmunds Church, Kessingland.

As part of our three-year cycle, we also use ‘Big Start Assemblies’. This combines value-based themes with stories from the Bible. They encourage strong all-round development with important topics including friendship, anti-bullying, diversity, forgiveness and many more.