Our Curriculum Aims

  • To ignite a love of learning in all pupils and nurture a Growth Mindset, knowing that it is ok to make mistakes.
  • For our pupils to know they are valued and have the capacity to grow, learn and play a full role in the wider world.
  • To ensure the statutory entitlement of every pupil to a balanced provision of all subjects within the National Curriculum is met.
  • To facilitate children’s acquisition of ideas, knowledge, skills, mindsets and qualities of character, which will help them to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and morally.
  • To develop self-esteem and confidence so that pupils make personal progress that fully prepares them for their next stage of education and the wider world.
  • To encourage empowering and respectful partnerships between all learners in school, where achievements are celebrated.
  • To provide opportunities to develop opinions in order that our pupils become worldly wise, have strong British values and are able to challenge perceptions.



Art & Design



Modern Foreign Languages


Physical Education

Personal, Social and Health Education

Religious Education


The curriculum at Kessingland CofE Primary Academy starts with the foundational skills involved in reading, writing and calculation. As these skills are established, pupils are given opportunities to rehearse and embed these skills throughout the curriculum. Pupils are challenged not only to develop their understanding, but to master it. Our pupils can talk about their learning journey, describe how different subjects deepen their understanding and identify the next steps in the learning process. Experiences and resources are chosen for pupils because they inspire and motivate learning. Please find our exciting long-term plans for each key stage below.

Curriculum Statement 2019

EYFS Curriculum

Curriculum Overview Year A

Curriculum Overview Year B – 2019-20

Key Stage 1 Curriculum

My Learning Adventure Cycle A

Long Term Curriculum Plan (Blocks)

My Learning Adventure Cycle B

Key Stage 2 Curriculum

KS2 Curriculum Subject Coverage

Long Term Plan Art

Long Term Plan Computing

Long Term Plan History

Long Term Plan Geography

Long Term Plan Science

KS2 Curriculum Skills and Knowledge Overview Geography

KS2 Curriculum Skills and Knowledge Overview History

KS2 Curriculum Skills and Knowledge Overview Science

KS2 Curriculum Skills and Knowledge The Arts

Year 5 and 6 Curriculum Skills and Knowledge The Arts