Our School Staff

Staff List 2020 – 2021

Teaching Staff

Name Responsibility Year Group
Mr Adrian Crossland

Alternative Safeguarding Lead

Pupil Premium

Miss Kellie Egleton

Head of Upper School

Alternative Safeguarding Lead

Maths Lead

Teaching and Learning Lead

Teach First / NQT Mentor

Deputy Headteacher
Miss Sarah Smith

Head of Lower School

Designated Safeguarding Lead

SaFS Lead

Designated Lead for CIC

Collective Worship Lead

RE Lead, PSHE and SRE Lead

Staff Governor

Deputy Headteacher
Miss Ami Merrett Maths Team Nursery
Mrs Amanda Ward

Early Years Lead

English Team

NQT Mentor

Mrs Vicky McDonald

Music Lead

Wider Curriculum Team

Miss Caitlin Harris Wider Curriculum Team Year 1
Miss Polly Macias

English Team

Computing Curriculum Lead

Year 1
Miss Lyndsey Adams

English Team (Phonics Lead)

KS1 Lead

Year 2
Mrs Jacqui Rowland Year 3
Ms Sophie Lytton Year 3
Mr Craig Pigney Wider Curriculum Team Year 3
Miss Annie Farrow Wider Curriculum Team Year 4
Miss Maya Busby

Lower KS2 Lead

Art and DT Lead (Cultural Lead)

Curriculum Champion

Year 3 & 4
Mrs Liz Ford

Humanities Lead

Wider Curriculum Team

Year 5

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Miss Lisa Truman

Maths Team

Science Lead

Year 5

Thursday and Friday

Mrs Lucy Gildroy

Upper Key Stage 2 Lead

English Lead

Year 6
Mr Tim Baillie

PE Lead

Sports Premium

Classroom Support Staff

Name Responsibility Year Group
Mrs Jane Cooper

Pastoral Support Officer

Alternative Safeguarding Lead

Thrive Practitioner

Mental Health Champion

Attendance Support

Mrs Lynda Hood

SaFS Ambassador

Alternative Safeguarding Lead

Online Safety Lead

Young Carers Lead

Mid-Day Team Lead

Year 1 on a Friday
Miss Melodie Cole

Teaching Assistant (am)

1 to 1 (pm)

Mrs Rebecca Gonsalves Teaching Assistant Nursery
Mrs Sarah Baillie Phonics Support
Mrs Angie Barber Teaching Assistant Reception
Mrs Lucy Knowles

1 to 1 (am)

Teaching Assistant (pm)

Mrs Deborah Baldwin

Teaching Assistant

Extended Hours Support

PTA Partner

Year 1
Miss Katie Thomas

Teaching Assistant

Thrive Support

Year 1
Miss Jane De Mierre HLTA Year 2
Mrs Laura Knowles Phonics Support

Year 2

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Mrs Kelly Haward

 Cover Supervisor

Forest School Lead

Year 3
Miss Megan Draper

1 to 1

Teaching Assistant

Young Carers Support

Year 3
Miss Bethany Casbolt Teaching Assistant Year 5
Miss Lucy Kimble Teaching Assistant Apprentice

Office Staff

Name Responsibility Year Group
Mrs Suzanne Downie

Business Manager

Health and Safety Lead

EVC Lead


Associate Governor

Mrs Sharon Bargewell

Office Assistant

Finance Support

Attendance Support

Miss Michelle Brookman

Business Administration Apprentice


Mrs Angie Grieve


Health and Safety Support

Whole School

Midday Supervisors

Name Responsibility Year Group
Miss Michelle Brookman Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Gloria Davey Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Alison Dowles Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Gemma Jackson Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Irene Burns Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Rebecca Gonsalves Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss Melissa Bissmire Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss Beth Banks Midday Supervisory Assistant